I’ll write yesterday’s blog post in English.

Because @sonic electronics asked me that he wanna read the yesterday’s blog post in English.

Honesty, I am not much good at English.

And it is hard for me to put my thought into words, even in Japanese.

First,I’m making of clothes alone.

Design, sewing pattern making, and sewing.All about making of clothes is handmade.

Second, I’m selling cheap dress to confirm clothing size.

It was criticized severely by the person who purchased it.

She said “the clothes is basting (temporary sewing) degree”.

I don’t know why she say that.I’m confident of sewing.

I was making sewing pattern, and  I sewed clothes alone, it was not assessed.

I was so sad , and I was very regrettable.

It was sad to have arrived to the person who does not think that is special.

I think she bought only at a cheap price without thinking.

And I think that she is not interested who made it.

Probably I think the handmade is meaning nothing for her.

Honestly, the cloth might be thin in compared with a fast fashion brand cloth.

Because it is organic cotton and uses the thin cloth.I wrote it in the explanation.

She might not like it.

A fast fashion brand is enough for clothes of daily life.

They are cheap, and the design is a trendy clothes,  and there is much size development.

I want a person thinking that the handmade product is special to buy it.

Then I think what the value of a handmade thing is.

I want to do that something is new.I’m still thinking about it.